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The Abc’s of TTC: Complete Guide with Tips on Getting Pregnant Fast

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Full list of TTC Acronyms. This post may contain affiliate links.  For more info please read the disclosure page. Jackie is NOT a medical professional, information provided on P is for Pregnant is strictly for information purposes only. Please consult with your physician before making any changes to your healthcare routine. Find out more here.

The Abc’s of TTC

A Newbies Guide: Tips To Getting Pregnant Fast!

Now that you and your partner have made the decision to have a baby, there’s only one thing left to do, get pregnant!

As the anticipation of that BFP (big fat positive) starts to build, so do the expectations.

Most people assume that they will be able to get pregnant super fast – that it will be easy-peasy, DTD (do the deed) with no protection or BC (birth control) and BAM, you’re pregnant the very first month! Oh, how I wish it worked this way for everyone, I truly do!

Unfortunately, for most couples, getting pregnant does not usually work like that.

It can, but it’s more realistic to expect your BFP to occur between 3-9 months of trying and sometimes even longer depending on various circumstances.

Your Odds of Getting Pregnant Every Month

According to ACOG age has a big impact on your fertility for both males and females. They state that healthy couples in their 20’s to mid-thirties have a 25-30% chance to conceive per cycle.

Though, once you hit your 30s your chances of getting pregnant start to go downhill, and by age 37 “it declines rapidly“.

Once you hit 40 your odds of getting pregnant during your menstrual cycle drops down to less than a 10% chance to conceive in a month. BUT even being an older woman in your 40s you can still get pregnant if you want to.

Don’t let the odds deter you from trying to get pregnant. My Aunt was 40 when her first child was born, she had her second at age 43. She conceived naturally and did not have to resort to IUI or IVF.

They do say that a man’s fertility declines as they get older as well but it’s not as “predictable” as female fertility.

Your Odds of Getting Pregnant in a Year


A study, conducted in 2003, documented the length of time/number of cycles it took for 346 women (aged 20-44), who were trying to conceive their first baby to get pregnant. The women all had sex during what they felt was their most fertile time.

Results: 310 out of the 346 conceived in the first year. Which, if you ask me is great odds of getting pregnant in a year!1C. Gnoth, D. Godehardt, E. Godehardt, P. Frank‐Herrmann, G. Freundl, Time to pregnancy: results of the German prospective study and impact on the management of infertility, Human Reproduction, Volume 18, Issue 9, September 2003, Pages 1959–1966,

  • 38 percent around 131 of the 346 were pregnant after 1 month.
  • 68 percent around 235 of the 346 were pregnant after 3 months.
  • 81 percent around 280 of the 346  were pregnant after 6 months.
  • 92 percent around 318 of the 346 were pregnant after 12 months.

It was concluded that: “Most couples conceive within six cycles with timed intercourse.”

Now, I am not trying to be a downer here or rain on your parade – but I feel like it is important to acknowledge that no one has total control over how fast or long it takes to get pregnant.

The Good news is that there are things you do have control over that can and will help you with getting pregnant faster than just DTD all willy-nilly. (No pun intended)

5 Tips on Getting Pregnant Fast

A man with his arm wrapped around his partners shoulders looking at a pregnancy test and smiling in delight

1 ♥ Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy

As soon as you and your partner made the decision to start trying for a baby you should have started taking a high-quality whole food prenatal.

Making sure you are getting the correct amount of vitamins and minerals can make a huge difference and even plays a part in the embryo’s development. It could be the difference between a sticky pregnancy and a miscarriage, this I know from personal experience.

If you can get your partner to take a male fertility supplement like,  Ready. Set. Go! Fertility Support Prenatal Supplement for Men even better!

If he turns his nose up at the idea of a fertility vitamin then hand him a whole foods men’s vitamins like: Garden of Life Multivitamin for Men,  MegaFood – Men’s One Daily or NATURELO One Daily Multivitamin for Men

It does take two to conceive and healthy sperm = healthy baby!

It is also a good idea to eat healthy, workout, be the ideal weight, stop smoking, stop drinking… blah blah blah.

I say “blah blah blah” because I have a feeling you already know this and don’t need three paragraphs lecturing you on the importance of food, working out, and drinking.

Do what you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible try not to obsess about the little things…. ie. that one glass of wine you had last night has ruined your chances of getting pregnant for that month.

One thing I do recommend is looking into your products at home, toothpaste, shampoo, body washes, and trying to go for more natural products with fewer chemicals – even replace your everyday cleaner with something more natural, like Force of Nature.

Force of Nature
The chemicals that are used in your everyday products are a lot harsher than you think can even disrupt your thyroid, which can cause overall health issues and problems getting pregnant.

2 ♥ Stock Up On TTC Supplies | Pregnancy Test, OPKs, Lube Oh My!

orchids with ovulation tests, basal body thermometer and vitamins for getting pregnant

If getting pregnant fast is your end goal, you’re most likely going to need some outside help in the form of over-the-counter conception aids.

Things like OPKs (ovulation predictor kit), Sperm-Friendly Fertility Lube, and of course pregnancy tests should be apart of your TTC arsenal.

Ovulation tests are a must-have, in my opinion, (along with a parental of course). It’s something I recommend for everyone, they are cheap and pretty easy to use.

There can be a bit of a learning curve when you first start using ovulation kits, you do need to take them at a certain time of day to get the most accurate results, and reading the lines is annoying to some.

There are two options when it comes to purchasing ovulation kits. You can with the cheap ovulation tests, 50 for under $13 bucks, which are my FAV. Don’t let the price fool you these are amazing! But, you do have to feel comfortable deciding if the test line is as dark or darker than the control line.

The second option you have is a digital ovulation test. It will only give you a smiley face when you’re getting ready to ovulate. These are more expensive, but if you don’t like reading the lines they are a good second option.

Alternatively, you could buy both the cheap ovulation test and a pack of the digital ovulation test and just use the digital when you think you’ve got a positive on the cheap OPK as a backup.

Here’s a “simple” rundown of everything I personally use when TTC.

Mama Bird Prenatal Multi+

Swanson High Concentrate Omega-3 Fish Oil

NewRhythm Probiotics 50 Billion CFU 20 Strains

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant

Clinical Guard Ovulation Tests – 50 Pack

Clinical Guard Pregnancy Tests – 50 Pack

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test, 3 Count

Disposable Cups – 200

Non- Amazon Stuff:

Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test – 5 (I’ve used both of their brands)

First Signal One-Step Pregnancy Test -5 (Walmart cost $0.89 in-store)

3 ♥ Focus on YOUR Menstrual Cycle

It’s important to take the time to get to know your body.

While fertility tracking apps are great, they are often misleading, especially if you have an irregular period. When compiling data apps tend to use an average… If you have a 28-33 day cycle this can be a HUGE issue.

The egg is only viable for 12-24 hours after it is released from the ovaries.

If your app is telling you that you have a 30 day cycle average and basing your fertile window and ovulation on that average then what happend if that particular month you have a 32-day cycle or even 31? You could miss ovulation entirely and there goes your opportunity to get pregnant for that menstrual cycle.

Pfft… thanks for nothing supposed tracking app.

This is why I recommend going beyond the apps and really sitting down and studying your past cycles and learning about the phases of a menstrual cycle.

Did you know your menstrual cycle has FOUR phases?

That’s right, your period has four different phases and each one plays an important role in getting pregnant. If you have an issues within any of the phases it can prevent you from getting pregnant.

For instance, if you have a short Luteal Phase, even if the egg is fertilized it won’t be able to implant in the uterus as the lining won’t be thick enough to support a pregnancy.

Let’s take a quick look at the phases2Reed BG, Carr BR. The Normal Menstrual Cycle and the Control of Ovulation. [Updated 2018 Aug 5]. In: Feingold KR, Anawalt B, Boyce A, et al., editors. Endotext [Internet]. South Dartmouth (MA):, Inc.; 2000-. Available from:

  1. Follicular phase:  The follicular phase starts from the first day of your period, known as CD1 (cycle day one) until ovulation. Estrogen levels rise and an egg is getting ready to be released. This is also the phase of the menstrual cycle that varies from woman to woman.  You may have a 14-day follicular phase that leads to a 28-day cycle or a 20-day follicular phase that leads to a 34-day cycle.
  2. Ovulation: Ovulation is the phase of the menstrual cycle associated with fertility. In this time your body releases LH (Luteinizing Hormone) signaling the ovaries that it is time to release the egg. This usually occurs mid-cycle, if you have a PERFECT 28-day cycle you will notice a positive OPK on day 12-13 with ovulation occurring on day 14. During this time your Estrogen peaks right before ovulation, followed by a drop after the egg has been released.
  3. Luteal phase: The Luteal phase is just as important as ovulation and is the phase between ovulation and menstruation. It is when the body prepares for the embryo to implant into the uterus resulting in a pregnancy. Progesterone is now produced. If there is no embryo to implant it will peak, and then drop. The LH phase lasts 14 days universally for most women, if it is shorter than 12 days it can cause issues and prevent pregnancy from occurring.3Wikipedia contributors. (2020, June 9). Luteal phase. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 19:11, October 11, 2020, from
  4. Menstruation:  Your period, I really doubt this one needs an explanation for most. It’s that lovely time of the month that involves blood and stomach cramps from hell, aka the shedding of the uterine lining. Which results in low levels of estrogen and progesterone.

When you take the time to get to know your body it can help elevate some of the mystery when you’re trying to get pregnant and also helps your doctor get a better understanding of your situation.

If you feel like you don’t have time to do all the research and or aren’t really interested in documenting your menstrual phases then the most important thing to focus on is ovulation.

The #1 Key Factor to Getting Pregnant Fast is Pinpointing Ovulation

You can have a stockpile of lube, PG tests, and an army of fertility apps behind you – BUT if you aren’t DTD (doing the deed) during your fertile window odds are you’re not going to get pregnant fast.

Know YOUR Ovulation Symptoms

Symptoms of ovulation can vary widely amoung women. Some report feeling a pinching pain on the left or right side when an egg is released. Others can’t tell a difference beyond the fact that they should be approaching the ovulation phase of their cycle based on cycle days and date alone.

The most common signs of ovulation is a high concentration of LH (luteinizing hormone) levels in urine, clear, stretchy fertile cervical mucus or EWCM (egg white cervical mucus), and a rise in your BBT (basal body temp).4Owen M. Physiological signs of ovulation and fertility readily observable by women. Linacre Q. 2013;80(1):17-23. doi:10.1179/0024363912Z.0000000005

Something that I find really neat is that a heart rate monitor, like a Fitbit, may actually be able to tell you when you’re nearing ovulation with an elevated resting heart rate.

It may also be able to tell you when implantation has occurred and that you’re pregnant!

During the Luteal phase, your resting heart rate will stay elevated due to your body preparing for pregnancy. If a pregnancy does not occur your resting heart rate will start to decline as menstruation approaches.

If you’re pregnant your resting heart rate will start to rise even more. This is actually how I found out I was pregnant with my fourth! (see image below)

The science on this is pretty new, but it is promising and it is even how fertility monitors like Ava work!

Fitbit heart rate graph showing an increase in resting heart rate after implantation and pregnancy compared to a menstrual cycle that pregnancy did not occur.

4 ♥ Create a Game Plan to Get Pregnant Fast!

After you have complied your TTC Arsenal and once you have spent some time analyzing your menstrual cycle it’s time to create a baby-making plan.

This plan should be your own personal guide to getting pregnant.  Just try not to be too strict on yourself or your partner, you don’t want the TTC process to become more of a chore. Balance is key!

Your TTC guide should include:

  • Your estimated fertile window.
  • Your estimated ovulation day.
  • When you’re going to test with OPKs (if you went that route).
  • Test time for BBT (if you decided to try it).
  • When you’re going to DTD and how often.
  • How you’re going to track your cycle (apps or pen and paper).
  • PG Test time.
  • And anything else that pertains to your unique cycle/situation.

If you’re having a hard time mapping out a plan on your own a Baby Making Blueprint can help you get on track. 

I work with couples all the time building a unique plan just for them that is focused on getting them pregnant fast and with as little headache as possible.

Baby Making Blueprint package with four sheets of paper and a cover photoYour Baby Making Blueprint is unique to your cycle and will give you insight into your cycle!

It includes a complete breakdown of your menstrual cycle and lays out your fertile days, as well as estimated ovulation prediction based of your previous cycles – not just an average some program just spit out.

You’ll know exactly when to start using OPKs as well as when to start DTD (doing the deed). It’s a complete guide, optimized to your unique menstrual cycle created to help you maximize your odds of getting pregnant.

Your Baby Making Blueprint is broken down into cycle days and leaves no doubt of what to do (or not to do) and when to do it.

No more wondering if today is the day!

Drastically reduce your end of cycle “pee on a stick” anxiety.

You can take that pregnancy test knowing you made every effort to catch that egg!

To find out more about how I can help you get pregnant you can visit the Packages tab or click here.

5 ♥ Implement Operation “Get Pregnant” Guide

Now that you’ve taken the time to gather TTC supplies and flesh out a solid conception plan all that’s left to do is put it into practice.

In doing so your odds of getting pregnant fast have increased and you can feel good knowing that you have set you and your partner up for success.

Remember getting pregnant is no easy feat and if it takes longer than expected try not to stress. The trying to conceive process can be overwhelming when you’re not getting the results you want. I know and understand this first hand.

The more you know about your body and cycle the better you will be able to determine if there’s an underlying issue that requires a trip to your OB.

Sending lots of baby dust!


Did you find this list helpful? What if anything are you currently doing to help boost your odds of getting pregnant?

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