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I am sharing with you what I know to be an EFFECTIVE TOOL to aide you in your TTC journey

The Baby Making Blueprint was born from my own DESPERATE STRUGGLE to conceive…

By NOT giving up, and refusing to let go of hope…

By honing in on my cycle and really taking the time to learn my body, then by creating a system and implementing a plan to make sure I saw that BFP…

Which allowed me to grow my family into what it is today.

The Baby Making Blueprint is essentially ten years in the making…

But it’ll only take you one day to implement. 😉

After helping 100s of couples get pregnant I want to help you, too!

Ready to take back control of your TTC journey and to stop stressing every month with an easy to follow conception plan?

(Um, OF COURSE you are!)

Don't waste another cycle!

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This is a digital product nothing will be shipped. 


So... why a BMB?
And what even is a Baby Making Blueprint?

Hey There! Jackie here!

I’m face behind P is for Pregnant & the creator of the Baby Making Blueprint.

I’m a thirty-something mom of four girls, a naturopath, and a Holistic Women’s Health Coach.

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples over the years in dozens of countries across the world, helping them get pregnant, pinpoint ovulation, and take charge of their TTC journey with an easy to follow plan, I call the Baby Making Blueprint. 

My passion for helping couples get pregnant started with my own agonizing conception journey.

I always knew I wanted a large family. What I didn’t know is that it would be an unrelenting struggle to get there.

To put it mildly, I spent A LOT of time trying to get pregnant.

So much so in fact, that as my knowledge grew I developed my own method for getting pregnant…

It turned my conception journey completely around!

I know so many of you are struggling to conceive, whether it’s due to POCS, stress… or just not knowing what they should do and when..

And let’s be real: When we set out to get pregnant, we don’t want to wait for that BFP and we want it NOW, damn it!

Every day of waiting is a cruel form of torture when you’re ready to be a Mom…

Fertility apps can only help so much, they often mislead women with their “average” ovulation days and fertile windows causing you to MISS ovulation all together.

What you NEED is real insight into your cycle and real guidance to ensure you’re catching that egg on the very FIRST cycle!

Basically, we could all use a Baby Making Blueprint when trying to conceive, and we could all benefit from a strategy that can help us grow our families, whether we’re brand spanking new to TTC or we’ve been around for a bit.

So, I asked myself two questions… 

“How can I help more couples get pregnant and alleviate the stress of ovulation, and how can I help them get pregnant faster… say 1 to 6 cycles instead of 6-12… especially right now, when so many people need a little extra brightness in their lives?”

I mulled it over, then I circled back to what I know best…

A strategy I’ve been using for YEARS…

That took me from five years of BFN after BFN to conceiving THREE of my four children in a four year time span!

A strategy that breaks down your cycle day by day. A method that leaves nothing to chance and let’s you take back control of your TTC journey and empowers you to stop being the bystander in your own cycle… 

So that any couple can choose to move forward and make their dreams come true!  

AND you can implement it right away.

It’s SUPER easy to follow and can get answers FAST.

Like, less-than-one-day-and-then-you-KNOW-what-to-do-to-get-pregnant fast.

What a Baby Making Blueprint Can Help You Do...

Master Your Cycle & Ovulation

Get insight into your cycle including a complete breakdown of fertile days, estimated ovulation prediction - Know exactly when to start using OPKs.

Get The Sperm To The Egg

With a solid baby making plan that uses all your cycle data to craft a personal “do the deed” guide to help maximize your odds of getting pregnant.

Take Out the Guess Work

Each plan is broken down into cycle days and leaves no doubt of what to do (or not to do) and when to do it. No more wondering if today is the day!

Help you Get That BFP!

Reduce your "pee on a stick" anxiety when it comes time to take that end of cycle pregnancy test knowing you made every effort to catch that egg!

This is a digital product nothing will be shipped. 

Lets get
you pregnant!

The strategy you’ll learn inside your DIY Baby Making Blueprint is the same one I used to get pregnant with three out of my four children.

After 5 years of unrelenting BFN after BFN I got pregnant THREE times in four years and finally completed me family.

It’s the same strategy that so many other couples have used to expand their families.

And it’s the same strategy that will help YOU understand your cycle and get pregnant faster.

And you can implement it TODAY!


$ 27
  • Four step guide to create your own BMB..
  • Step-by-step baby making plan.
  • Worksheets to help you figure out Cycle Length, Fertile Window, Ovulation and more.
  • The "Do The Deed" Guide that tells you exactly what to do and when to do it!
One Time offer

This is a digital product nothing will be shipped. 

What my clients are saying...

“The Baby Making Blueprint is a goldmine of information to help you understand your fertility. I love the step by step instructions that lay out practical and personalized tips. I feel so much more prepared to take on this next TTC cycle!”
Women sitting against a gray back drop with a teal shirt, brown hair and large smile.
"The Baby Making Blueprint is really helpful! Our personalized guide has great information and suggestions that we are implementing on our TTC journey. We love the supplement recommendations and all the fantastic info links that Jackie put together to make this process as smooth as possible!"
Woman smiling with brown hair in a field of flowers.
"Jackie was super helpful through the whole process. All of the personalized detailed information was wonderful. We are super excited to hopefully be announcing good news soon!”
Couple sitting in grass with the man behind the woman embracing her waist

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question here? Shoot me an email!

As much as I would LOVE to be able to say yes, it isn’t possible. I can not guarantee you will get pregnant, but what I can guarantee is that I will give you 110% and try to find a way for you to conceive naturally. 

For couples without any preexisting conditions (POCS, low sperm count etc.), most see their BFP within 1-4 months. Again, I can not guarantee a time frame or positive pregnancy test. Your success with the BMB also is measured by how well you adhere to the instructions. 

Yes and no. If you have an idea of your cycle length but haven’t been tracking your periods you can still get a BMB. It will be more broad as far as fertile days to try and catch that egg. For the most accurate BMB I do recommend having at least 3 months, preferably 6 months of period info. 

Yes, but only for package 2 – you’ll need OPKs and of course pregnant tests. I recommend these. Package 1 & 3 come with everything you need.

In the event that you get a BFP within 5 days of receiving your Baby Making blueprint you are eligible for a 50% refund. For more information visit click here

You can reach me any time via email at jackie@pisforpregnant, as well as sending a direct message to the P is for Pregnant Facebook page.

This is a digital product nothing will be shipped. 


What if you
NEVER had to worry about MISSING ovulation again?!
With a BMB You Won't!!

Don't Waste another Cycle!

Because I want to see you get that BFP you so desperately deserve I am giving you this Special ONE TIME ONLY Offer!

AND start
P.R.E.G.O. - ing!
In LESS than 1 Hour!

Get 65% OFF A DIY BMB for the Next