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All The TTC Abbreviations/Acronyms That You’ll Ever Need Yo Know!

TTC abbreviations and acronyms

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TTC Abbreviations & Acronyms

Alright ladies, if you’re new to the online world of TTC, you’ve most likely encountered a few BFNs, BFPs, and some agonizingly long TWWs in the forums you’ve visited.

In my opinion, TTC abbreviations are a sort of universal language for those of us that dive headfirst into the TTC world. It’s a “secret” language full of acronyms that bond us all together during one of the most trying times of our lives, the journey to getting pregnant.

Now beyond learning the “basics” of trying to conceive you are also hit in the face with a ton of confusing TTC abbreviations. I myself find it easier to just throw in a “DPO” in a post rather than spend the extra two seconds writing out “days past ovulation”.

I can’t tell you how many weird looks I’ve gotten while in a direct conversation with someone when I ask what CD they are on, or if they used FMU to take their pregnancy test.

I always know instantly when someone has no idea what I am talking about.

It’s that moment of pause….That quizzical expression on their face looking at me like “Did she just say FU to me??”


Which in return leaves me standing there stammering, while I try and vomit my next sentence out to assure them I most certainly did not direct them to go F themselves!

Eh, SORRY, that’s a TTC abbreviation it means first-morning urine!”

The good news for you is that most of the TTC acronyms are easy to decipher.

So don’t fret, once you learn the lingo you’ll be jumping into the convo in no time. Before you know it you’ll be talking in TTC abbreviations with friends and family (enjoy the puzzled looks!).

That is when you really know you’re TTC obsessed, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

Below you will find some of the most popular TTC abbreviations that I use on P is for Pregnant as well as a loooong Master list of all the acronyms that I know from my many, many years in trying to conceive forums.

P is for Pregnant’s Most Commonly Used TTC Acronyms

AF aunt flo (period)
BFN big fat negative (pregnancy test)
BFP big fat positive (pregnancy test)
CD cycle day(s)
CM cervical mucus
CP cervical position
DPO days past ovulation
DTD do the deed (sex)
EWCM egg white cervical mucus
FMU first morning urine
FX fingers crossed
H&H9 happy and healthy 9 months
HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – what picks up on a preg test
LH Luteinizing Hormone – What ovulation tests pick up
LMP last menstrual period – start date ie August 7th was the start of your LMP
LP luteal phase
MC or M/C miscarriage
O/O’d ovulation
OPK ovulation predictor kit
PG pregnant or pregnancy
POAS pee on a stick
TTC trying to conceive
TWW 2 week wait (14DPO on average after you’ve ovulated)
US or U/S ultrasound

TTC Abbreviations Commonly Found Online

2WW 2 week wait (14DPO on average)
AF aunt flo — menstruation/period
AFNW aunt flo not wanted
AFSA aunt flo stay away
AP attachment parenting
BBT basal body temperature
BC because, or birth control, or before children
BCPS birth control pills
BD baby dance (sex)
BF breastfeed, or boyfriend
BFN big fat negative (pregnancy test)
BFP big fat positive (pregnancy test)
BIL brother-in-law
BLW baby-led weaning
BM breast milk, or bowel movement
BMS baby-making sex
BT blood pregnancy test (HCG Levels)
CB cycle buddy
CD cycle day
CF cervical fluid
CIO cry it out
Circ. circumcise
CM cervical mucus
CNM certified nurse midwife
CP cervical position
CS or C/S cesarean section
CWIM see what I mean
DC daycare, dear child
DD dear daughter
DF dear fiancee
DH dear husband
DP dear partner
DPO days past ovulation
DS dear son
DSD dear stepdaughter
DSS dear stepson
DTD do the deed (Sex)
DuH dumb husband
DuW dumb wife
DW dear wife
DX diagnosis
EBF extended breastfeeding, exclusively breastfeeding
EBM expressed breast milk
EC embryo Cyro (egg freezing)
EDD estimated due date, or expected date of delivery
ENDO endometriosis
EPT early pregnancy test
ET embryo transfer
ETA edited to add or estimated time of arrival
EWCM egg white cervical mucus
FF formula feeding or Fertility Friend
FIL father-in-law
FMU first morning urine
FRER first response early response (Pregnancy test)
FTM first time mom
FTR for the record
FWIW for what it’s worth
FX fingers crossed
H&H9 happy and healthy 9 months
HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin – what picks up on a preg test
HPT home pregnancy test
HRT hormone Replacement Therapy
HTH hope this helps
HX history
IC incompetent cervix
IF infertility
IMHO in my humble opinion
IMO in my opinion
IPS imaginary pregnancy symptoms
IRL in real life
ITA I totally agree
IUI intrauterine insemination
IVF in vitro fertilization
KWIM know what I mean
L&D labor and delivery
LH Luteinizing Hormone – What ovulation tests pick up
LMP last menstrual period – start date ie August 7th was the start of your LMP
LO little one
LP luteal phase
MC or M/C miscarriage
MIL mother-in-law
ML maternity leave
MM mother’s milk
MS or M/S morning sickness or multiple sclerosis
MW midwife
O/OV ovulation
O’d ovulated
OH other half
OP original poster
OPK ovulation predictor kit
OT off topic
PG pregnant, or pregnancy
POAS pee on a stick (i.e. pregnancy test)
PP previous poster
PPD postpartum depression
RE reproductive endocrinologist
SAHD stay-at-home dad
SAHM stay-at-home mom
SAHP stay-at-home parent
SD sperm donor
SIL sister-in-law
SO significant other
TIA thanks in advance
TMI too much information
TTC trying to conceive
US or U/S ultrasound
VBAC vaginal birth after cesarean section
WAH work at home
WOH work out of the home

Well, there you have it! I know it seems like a lot, but it will get easier! The more you use TTC acronyms and participate in forums, message boards, and websites the easier they are to recognize.

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